Two individuals viewing seed conditioning equipment

Training Opportunities at the Seed Science Center

For more than 100 years, the Seed Lab and the Seed Science Center at Iowa State University have provided training for seed industry professionals by hosting short courses and workshops.  Each April through August Seed Conditioning Specialist Alan Gaul and Seed Lab Manager Mike Stahr facilitate workshops covering topics ranging from seed testing and cleaning, to gravity separation, color sorting, and seed treatment. 

Regularly scheduled courses in seed conditioning and seed analysis, as well as periodic workshops in testing for genetic traits and seed health are available.

All Summer 2020 Workshops and Trainings are cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Seed Conditioning Workshops:

Seed Analyst Short Course:

Germination Week of the Short Course

Purity Week of the Short Course: August 10-13, 2020 (was also held in January 2020)

Society of Commercial Seed Technologists (SCST) Super Workshop

Graduate Program in Seed Technology and Business Short Courses

Seed Science & Technology: Nov 2-6, 2020

Seed Business Management: Future Dates: TBD