Seed Testing Workshops

2020 Seed Analyst Short Course

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You may attend one or both weeks.  Cost for attending one week is $300.00, for attending both weeks is $540. Registration cut-off is ten days prior to the starting date of the course.  Purity Week normally fills up first as we cap registration at 14 participants (normally full in March).  A waiting list will be set up with the possibility of adding participants based on circumstances. 

NOTE ABOUT AOSA & SCST CONSOLIDATED EXAMS: You MUST qualify to take either or both exams.  This is done by contacting AOSA or SCST (information available at

AOSA SCST Consolidated Exams

Purity Exam: May 4, 2020

Germination Exam: May 1, 2020

Cost of one exam is $350 ($500 if both exams are taken).

CANCELLED: Germination Testing Week

Date: April 27 -30, 2020; Exam: May 1. Cost of Exam is $350

Agenda:  During Germination week, participants will gain experience evaluating seedlings of 16 species (crops, vegetables, flowers grasses, etc.) using the warm germination test, plus working with the cold test, accelerated aging test, tests for biotech traits (herbicide bioassay, immunoassay), tetrazolium and more. A popular and unique highlight of the week is a three-hour session of moving between stations for hands-on work in the Germination lab.

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Special Hotel Rates: Best Western

CANCELLED: Purity Testing Week

August 10-13, 2020; Exam: May 4, 2020. (Note earlier date)

Agenda:  The emphasis of Purity week is on providing “how to” information on seed identification by printed and electronic materials to be taken home, working with samples, advice from instructors, and use of electronic and hard copy references. Participants will have the opportunity to work with a variety of species of seeds: grasses, legumes, cereals plus weed species present in some of the samples. Hands-on activities also include using seed blowers, mechanical dividers, seed counters and a moisture meter. Lectures will be interactive and will include the AOSA Rules for Testing Seeds, uniform blowing procedure, multiple unit procedure, tolerances, varietal purity, sampling and coated unit procedures. 

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